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We all have a story to tell...


It’s this belief that stands at the heart of Brown Beagle Books and drives our desire to guide writers who are passionate about these stories through the development, editing, and self-publishing processes. We know that the writing life is so much more than putting pen to paper, just like we know that having someone who understands the joy and the pain of the craft is invaluable. From beginning a new project to getting the book ready for print to generating ideas for marketing materials, we’ll be on hand to encourage you and help you create a book you believe in.




find your

Sometimes it whispers. Sometimes it shouts. When we're in tune with ourselves and our words, it sings. Your voice is a natural part of storytelling that brings your inner self to the page in a way that's uniquely your own. Let's discover your voice together.


let your

They have thoughts. They have emotions. They have their own motivations. Characters love to talk, and it's our job as storytellers to listen and guide them. Together, we'll get to know your characters and create the depth and dimension that breathe your story to life.

say it like you

Are you writing for the paycheck? Are you writing for the passion? Do you have stories that feel like they'll burst forth from the very depths of you at a moment's notice? Let's bring those feelings to the surface and add meaning to the page. The story that takes hold of you isn't just the story you want to write, it's the one you need to write.




Brown Beagle Books

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Creative Coaching


With our Creative Coaching services, we'll help to strengthen your writing abilities by focusing on novel elements such as plot, character, voice, and dialogue.




Editorial Development


Getting your manuscript ready for publication? Our Editorial Development packages become more detailed as we dive deeper into your book with professional editing and proofreading.




Publishing Consultation


Our Publishing Consultations can help you determine if self-publishing is right for you, learn how to set yourself up as a publisher, generate a marketing plan, and build an author platform.







What's Happening?



As of January 2021 and for the forseeable future,Brown Beagle Books is only accepting editing and proofreading jobs. Contact us here.



Brown Beagle Books is proud to announce the launch of a new

e-course, Your Path to Publishing Success, aimed at helping authors determine which path to publishing is best suited for them.
Learn more here











East of Everywhere, a new novel from award-winning author and Brown Beagle Books founder Susan Pogorzelski, is now available! 

Visit the Brown Beagle Books Bookstore for details.


        Susan's positive, optimistic attitude is infectious. Because she has a more nurturing rather than critical attitude, Susan always made the students comfortable with opening up their writing to suggestions...


- Alyssa D.



        I turned to Susan for advice on how to proceed with the many layers involved with self publishing.  Her insight and research helped me to make smart, financially sound decisions so that I could properly invest my Kickstarter funds by using the majority of funds for printing copies of the book versus spending the money on avoidable fees. 


- Brenda B.




        Susan's editing prowess was invaluable to my writing process. Her detailed analysis on both a technical and story level was a tremendous asset. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking help with the writing and publishing process.


- Chris H.


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