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Resources for Writers

From writing prompts to how-to instruction, the internet is a wealth of information for emerging writers. Check out the resources I love below!

(Note: all links are non-affiliated. I make no money off the clicking.)

Writer's Digest

Writer's Digest may just be the resource for writers. Although they remain a subscription-based magazine, their website features everything from educational resources to contests to articles for every level of writer--all for free!


When I first looked into self-publishing, I researched my options for Print On Demand presses. I didn't want to go with a regular press and be responsible for shipments, and I needed someone to walk me through the technical process of publishing my first book. The crew at CreateSpace were professional and friendly, and they helped to publish the best book possible. While their turnaround time isn't ideal, it's feasible, and they'll work with you from start to finish.


Don't want the hassle of publishing yourself? Let us help!

Scrivener is the writing tool that every author needs. For a long time, I refused to accept that anything could be easier than Microsoft Word, but the more complicated my own work became, the more I realized I needed something to keep me organized. Scrivener became the tool that would enhance my productivity.


Although it has a learning curve, each project houses a storyboard, research folder, and manuscript with easy access for commenting and notes. Download the free trial and have some fun!

Writer Beware

Let's face it: we as writers love the promise of publishing . We want to see our name on a book and that book on the shelves; we want to share our purpose and passion with the world; we want our words to last. That desire to share our stories can leave us vulnerable to those looking to make a quick buck. That's where Writer Beware comes in.


A non-profit organization and sponsored by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Writer Beware aims to prevent both published and emerging authors from being the victims of questionable publishing practices. With an ear on the publishing world, they house an exhaustive database of literary agents, publishers, editors, publicity firms, and vanity presses with whom writers have reported fraudulent activities. Protect yourself by checking them out.

Design For Writers

Andrew is a graphic designer helping writers tell their stories. From cover designs to author websites, development and hosting, he'll work with you to create your vision. I learned about Andrew's services through another author's website and immediately knew I wanted to work with him for my book. With professional suggestions, he was able to capture my vision and the very essence of the story for its cover. He's since designed my book website. Reach out to him on Facebook or Twitter for personal service and high-quality design!

Everything you need to know about  the ins and outs of the traditional publishing world, you can find on literary agent Janet Reid's blog. Though she's known as a shark in publishing due, in part, to her other popular blog Query Shark--a website dedicated solely to critiquing queries in order to help authors land an agent--Janet is truly one of the nicest, most generous people in the industry. Whether you're self-publishing or looking to land a traditional book deal, her blog is the go-to place for useful information for aspiring authors. And don't forget the comments! Janet has opened her comments section to form a community of some of the most talented, warm-hearted writers around. Be sure to check out her blog for publishing advice, flash fiction contests, and so much more.

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