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Build A Custom Package

“I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful, and don’t forget to make some art —
write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can.”
― Neil Gaiman ―





One size doesn't always fit all. Trust us. We know. That's why we've created a custom package that's a little more personalized to your goals and needs. Struggling to balance your everyday life with your writing? Looking to rediscover your love for your story? Ready to take the next step, but your fear's holding you hostage?


We'll get you back on track with a little bit of guidance and a whole lot of motivation. Pick four weeks from any of the Creative Coaching packages to create the plan that will help you the most, or visit the à la carte page for single sessions and coaching blocks.




2010 - present



Getting To Know You


In our free, 30 minute phone consultation, we'll take a look at your project and determine your goals for your book and as an author. We'll design a focused plan based around your session selections and spend the next five weeks guiding you in becoming a stronger writer.


Weeks One - Four

Determined by you!


Week Five

Every good book ends with a strong conclusion. In this final session, we'll write our own with a summary  of your sessions. We'll review your goals and obstacles and make sure you have what you need to build your writing career and share your story. You have the tools and knowledge you need for future success. Now let your passion guide you!

What You'll Get


Each session consists of an hour-long phone call focused on themes selected by you and tailored to fit your specific writing needs. You'll be provided with knowledge, guidance, and support to help you discover the writer in you.


You'll receive:


- A Brown Beagle Books welcome packet

- A weekly summary of our sessions

- A list of practices to keep you moving forward

- Articles and resources to keep you motivated

- A 10-page manuscript review

- A final, personalized road map of  your goals, obstacles, and what you can do to overcome them and reach your destination (as determined by you!)




- Unlimited Email Exchange

- Session Summaries
- Related Articles and Resources

- 10 Page Manuscript Review
- Personalized Writer's Road Ma


Looking for more?


Add another week to this package for only $25 or visit the À La Carte menu for custom services.

Legal Speak


Here's the legal stuff:


Sessions are held for one (1) hour once per week or as scheduled by the client (you!) and Brown Beagle Books.


Payment is required by the first (free) consulting call.  Refer to your welcome packet and individual contract for more details.

2010 - present

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