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"The answers you get from literature depend on the questions you pose."

― Margaret Atwood






What exactly is an outline, and how important is it to the creative and editing processes? Outlines for fiction projects can be as simple or detailed as you want them to be. Whether you’re in the beginning stages of your draft and need help visualizing your story’s path or you’re fine-tuning your manuscript for inconsistencies, we’ll discover the benefits of the outline to keep your story moving forward.



Getting To Know You


In our free, 30 minute phone consultation, we’ll take a look at your project, determine your story’s vision, and discover what the benefits of outlining can do for your writing. Over the next three weeks, we’ll create an outline for your draft or finished manuscript that will help take your work from good to great.


Week One


You’ve seen it before: the classic three- or five-part structure punctuated by roman numerals, letters, or bullet points. Maybe you’ve used it for your school papers or professional documents. Perhaps you’ve used a simplified version for your to-do lists. But what can it do for your fiction? In our first session, we’ll discuss the importance of outlining and what it can mean for your story. We’ll review the many types of outlines and determine which method works best for you. Rather than fearing the outline, we’ll learn to embrace it as an organizational tool that can benefit your creativity and let the words flow more quickly.


Week Two


Finished with your manuscript? Get back to the basics and uncover your story’s key elements in its simplest form. Stuck in a writing rut? Experience the freedom of experimenting with your story outside the confines of the written draft. No matter what phase of writing you’re in, the outline can serve as one of the best editing tools there is to create a work with a solid foundation and strong finish. In our second session, we’ll take a look at the outline of your draft to see what’s working--and what isn’t. We’ll discuss ways to cement your vision and add layers and depth to your characters while presenting you with a stronger sense of your story.


Week Three


As the writers of our manuscripts, we know our own story better than anyone, but sometimes even we can be taken by surprise. If your plot seems stale or your characters need some extra motivation, now is the time to see where your imagination can lead you. In week three, we’ll take a closer look at your manuscript’s outline and have some fun experimenting with changes in structure, point of view, and plot and character development. We’ll let the story guide you in a new direction and discover answers to questions you didn’t know you were asking. Whether you embrace these new ideas or reestablish your former direction, you’ll end the session with a better understanding of your story, your plot, and your characters--and maybe have a few new insights along the way.


Week Four

Every good book ends with a strong conclusion. In this final session, we’ll write our own with a final review of your story outline. We’ll take a look back at how the outline has benefited your manuscript, how it can provide a solid foundation for your next work, and how it has added depth and layers to your story. You have the idea. Now let’s see where it can lead you!


What You'll Get


Each session consists of an hour-long phone call focused on the importance of outlining and tailored to help you establish the best method for your needs. You’ll learn about the many types and benefits of outlines while crafting an outline for your rough draft or finished manuscript and discover ways to flesh out your ideas. By taking another look at your work, you’ll fall in love with your story all over again.


You'll receive:


- A Brown Beagle Books welcome packet

- A weekly summary of our sessions

- A final outline (created by you!)

- Articles and resources to keep you motivated

- Additional materials to help you in crafting your story







- Unlimited Email Exchange

- Session Summaries
- Related Articles and Resources



Looking for more?

Add another catch-all week to this package for only $25 or visit the À La Carte menu for custom services.

Legal Speak


Here's the legal stuff:


Sessions are held for one (1) hour once per week or as scheduled by the client (you!) and Brown Beagle Books.


Payment is required by the first (free) consulting call.  Refer to your welcome packet and individual contract for more details.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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