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For the Love of Words

I have half a dozen blog entries waiting to be written and stories that are longing to be told, but there’s something building inside of me, waiting to emerge; there’s an emotion that needs to be recognized, put to paper, typed on a screen…

It’s love.

Love for words, love for language.

Love for writing.

Love for life.

For me, writing is so much more than a passion. I need to write. I need it like I need the air to breath and maybe ever so much more. There was a time when I had lost that, where writing became a chore, a struggle, where words were merely made up of letters, lacking meaning, and stories were like wistful daydreams, imagined and discarded.

But now…Now a longing for expression wells up from somewhere so deep inside of me, and my fingers tingle with anticipation to let them out. My mind races with a thousand thoughts and the outside world disappears and suddenly it’s just me…Just me and an eruption of words and a longing, a desire greater than anything I’ve ever known -- a need to explore the world, ask what if, question why not.

And you want to cross invisible boundaries and experience things that can only be imagined, can only be dreamed. You want to understand people, understand yourself. You want to make sense of something impossible you want to create beauty and experience wonder and express your deepest emotions that you could never dare to speak aloud.

And you know that nothing can compare to this world that you’ve imagined, these characters you’re creating , but it brings tears to your eyes because it makes you hope for something good, something better, something lasting, and something true. It makes you recognize that beauty does exist in this world, makes you realize that you can find inspiration in the colors of the trees, see memories in a smile, a teardrop, and hear words of hope whispered through the silence.

I’ve never felt more alive, more inspired, than when I’m feeling, when I’m writing. This is the core of who I am, when everything else is stripped away. All I’m left with is a passion to discover and experience and imagine and feel, feel so incredibly deeply that it takes my breath away.

There is life everywhere. Everywhere. And it sends warm chills down your arms and travels to your fingers and makes your heart skip a beat in awe and excitement and you want to capture it, savor it, remember it.

You want to tell its story.

You want to write.

Are you listening?


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