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Voice and POV


“All I have is a voice.”
― W.H. Auden ―







Overview and goal for POV and voice. How to find your voice. How to make your voice original and sing.






Getting To Know You


In our free, 30 minute phone consultation, we'll take a look at your project and determine your goals for your book and as an author. We'll design a focused plan for the next four weeks based around your specific writing needs so that you have a clear idea of what you want and how to get it.


Week One

What’s the difference between your voice (as an author) versus point of view from a character? What is the difference between your voice as an author and the narrator? How to tell the difference? How do you establish your own writing voice? How do you discover your own writing voice? Who’s saying what (you or character) and how do you know/how can you tell?The Many POV: 1st, 2nd, 3rd - Experiment with POV in your manuscript. How does the story really want to be told? Listening To Your Characters: This is their story. Let them guide you. (A Perfect Pairing course)


Week Two


5 Love Languages of Writing: What’s your love language? (ie: how do you write/what’s your voice/tone/etc)


Week Three


Listening To Yourself/Staying True:  Part of finding your voice. How to trust your voice. How to let it guide you. How to stay true to that with others telling you something else. What kind of writer are you? Stay true to that. IE: I am a literary novelist. I tried writing commercial, but this is where my passion lies. This is my voice. This is what comes out. These are the stories that I have in me.


Week Four

Every good book ends with a strong conclusion. In this final session, we'll write our own with a summary  of what's been holding you back and how to keep moving forward. We'll review your personalized road map of your goals, obstacles, and what you can do to overcome them now and in the future. You have the tools and knowledge you need for future success -- now let's set you on the path to your writer's life!



- Email Access

- Session Summaries
- Related Articles and Resources
- Supplemental Worksheets



Looking for more?

Add another catch-all week to this package for only $29 or visit the A La Carte menu for custom services.

Legal Speak


Here's the legal stuff:



Sessions are held for one (1) hour once per week or as scheduled by the client (you!) and owner (me). Payment is required by the first (free) initial consulting call. Refer to your welcome packet and individual contract for more details.

What You'll Get


Each session consists of an hour-long phone call focused on the art and business of writing and tailored to help you set your goals for both. You'll learn about the trade, discover (or rediscover) the beauty of writing, determine the tools you need to get around those roadblocks, and receive the encouragement to keep going.


You'll receive:


- A Brown Beagle Books welcome packet

- A weekly summary of our sessions

- A list of practices to keep you moving forward

- Articles and resources to keep you motivated

- A final, personalized road map of  your goals, obstacles, and what you can do to overcome them and reach your destination (as determined by you!)


2010 - present

2010 - present

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